The extracts obtained from the plant stem cells using advanced technology have specific factors of the stem cells, that help the skin stem cells to preserve and regenerate their properties. The active ingredients of plant stem cells have demonstrated to produce a positive effect on epidermal stem cells.

The result is a product with a competitive advantage over the traditional extracts, giving a molecules cocktail with no extraction process or modification, that is able to be incorporated to the product in the purest form.

The technology of Bio Propagaciones Argentinas has been identified as an ecological advance in the production of natural cosmetical ingredients as it enables the plant stem cells culture.

This stem cells of plant origin have more active molecules that have demonstrated to have benefits on the skin.

On the other hand, they can be used in cosmetics without degrading the environment as they avoid cutting and land movement «We switch fertile land to a bioreactor». Reduces the water consumption. There neither are pesticides (all grows in sterile conditions) no waste (everything in the biorreactor is incorporated to the final product).